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Mariah Akitas’ Perspective on Breeding Principals:

Our beliefs and principals in owning, raising, training, showing, breeding and living with Akitas demonstrates the many years of dedication, integrity and ethics of MARIAH AKITAS as a solid reputable breeder. All puppies and adults purchased from MARIAH AKITAS include complete written sales agreements/guarantees describing the safeguards and health guarantees for achieving the full genetic potential of your Akita and the happiness that will follow lasting a lifetime. We also thoroughly educate and will be a mentor to those owning a Mariah Akita, and to those of you who truly wish to be knowledgeable about this wonderful breed.

Please be leery of the “instant breeder” that has had only one or maybe two litters in their entire “breeding program” lifetime. These breeders will proclaim that they “know it all” about Akitas. Please ask lots of questions to make sure that you have contacted a reputable and ethical breeder. Ask for their references and look at their track record of their involvement with the Akita. Do they screen buyers? Do they typically receive their dogs back for health or temperament reasons? Do they provide written agreements/guarantees for any dog sold? Have they produced any champions? Have they ever been fined or suspended by AKC or other dog-related organizations for any reason? Do they have successful breeding programs (i.e., do they produce consistent healthy, structurally sound and typey competitive dogs of merit, carefully plan their breedings and stand by their guarantees)? These are just a few of the important questions that should be asked before making a decision on which breeder you choose.

It takes a “Master Breeder” to truly know a particular breed thoroughly and to have the experience and success in breeding gorgeous and great competitive animals. We continually research, attend health/breeding seminars, conformation shows and subscribe to many breed-related publications, and have a library of breeding/genetic-related books. We finish, on the average, two championships per year usually all owner-handled. We also carefully study pedigrees, and plan our breedings 2-3 years in advance and plan up to 3-4 generations. One must ask themselves if they are really breeding for the right reasons. If you do not exhibit your Akitas at shows, then how can you truly see if you are really breeding to the AKITA STANDARD by exhibiting and consistently obtaining champion Akitas? Showing ensures and promotes that the Akitas someone breeds are worthy, and that their reputation and pedigrees are maintained; if not, the “instant breeder” has no idea how their dogs would fare in the competition and deprive themselves of the learning experience that showing provides. The fact is, the best dogs win most of the time and they have merit.

Whether or not you decide to purchase an Akita from us, please do your homework on breeders and the Akita breed itself so you can make an accurate and wise lifetime decision. We are dedicated, honest, passionate and reputable Akita breeders, exemplifying attention to genetic details of health and temperament, have bred wisely for many years, and continue to practice sound ethics.

Show and/or breeding quality puppies/adults both should be able to be shown or bred (having no disqualifying faults as adults under the Akita breed standard) and also not lacking “type” which are the traits that make the Akita breed what it is (or is bred to function for its original job). Not everyone has the dedication of showing, but may want to incorporate this quality into their breeding program or household. These two qualities are one in the same. If a dog is not good enough to be shown, then it is probably not good enough to be bred because it probably lacks merit. Breed type without soundness is nothing more than a dog that cannot perform its original job, nor exhibit the look and characteristics of the breed. However, there is no perfect show dog and they will have flaws because dog showing in many regards is like competing in a beauty contest. Pet/companion quality puppies/adults should not be bred or shown because they may have undesirable faults or disqualifications that do not meet the demands of the show ring and/or may not meet breeding credentials of producing outstanding progeny for the achievement of improving one’s breeding program. Pet/companion quality puppies and adults should be spayed/neutered.

A successful breeding program is based on the sound and intelligent selection of breeding stock. Objective culling as the breeding program progresses is not just desirable, but necessary. Only the proper evaluation of a bloodline’s merits and weaknesses will lead to appropriate decision making when planning future breedings. Many times, breeders will breed their bitch to a male because it has done a lot of winning. Championships and show records do not produce quality litters. You cannot judge a dog’s breeding potential on his or her pedigree nor on appearance alone, let alone a show record. Each part has to be taken into careful consideration when planning a breeding. These theories are tools of the trade and must be used carefully and wisely. Always strive to upgrade to keep up the quality of the bitch by breeding to the best male available. A sound and effective breeding program will not only produce the best dogs for the show ring generation after generation, but will also produce outstanding pets for the home and family.

Buyers should also understand that by purchasing an Akita that they have the responsibility of a lifetime commitment and financial obligation for the welfare of their dog. Akitas should be a permanent family member and will need patience, proper training, love, and attention. Re-homed Akitas do suffer and will exhibit/feel anxiety and grief, so it is important to make a lifetime commitment for the care of an Akita. Dogs are truly man’s best friend — their unconditional love and non-judgmental nature make them the greatest companion. So please do not purchase an Akita from us unless you are going to seriously make that Akita a permanent part of your life. A puppy questionnaire application must be filled out in order for us to match the very best puppy or dog with you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Whether your desire is to purchase an Akita for a family pet, show dog or for obedience competition, we guarantee to sell you a quality Akita to meet those needs, and will continue this endless commitment after the sale as well, as we owe the future owners of subsequent generations no less.