Basenji Pricing

Mariah Basenji’s Pricing / Guarantees:

We have spent over 16 years researching, showing, breeding, training and caring for our Basenjis. We only breed our Basenjis when pedigrees are compatible and carefully plan every litter we produce. Parents of puppies are guaranteed to be free of any heredity problems such as hip dysplasia, Fanconi Disease and PRA. We only breed healthy problem-free adults, which are sound. Pricing for our puppies begin at $2,500 for pet/companion quality, which must be spayed or neutered since they are not being used for showing or breeding purposes. Pet/companion quality puppies are equally healthy to their littermates sold as show/breeding prospects, but which do not meet the demands of conformation showing. They have had the same love, care and attention as their show/breeding quality littermates and are from the same health-certified parents. Pricing for show/breeding/foundation quality puppies begin at $3,500, which includes a 2-1/2 year guarantee against hip dysplasia, Fanconi Disease, PRA and any disqualifications (as an adult) per the present AKC Basenji Standard (we charge the same), and only available on a co-own.

Due to the demand for our puppies, we have established a policy of accepting deposits in advance of upcoming litters. Do not be surprised if you have to wait up to a year for your special puppy. Available choices are based upon the order in which deposits are received. A puppy will be offered based upon deposit position on our waiting list. We require a deposit of $500. All deposits are non-refundable so please be sure you are serious about the purchase of a “MARIAH” Basenji. A puppy questionnaire application must be filled out in order for us to match the very best puppy or dog with you, your family, and your lifestyle. We do reserve the right to refuse a sale that is not in the best interest of our Basenjis. Deposits and payments in full are accepted in the form of Western Union, bank wire transfers (extra $25 fee), cash, certified check, money order (personal checks or credit cards are not accepted) or Paypal (subject to their 5% transaction fee, plus a 3.5% debit/credit card fee, and/or a 3% exchange rate fee, if applicable). Shipping is available world-wide, but is the responsibility of purchaser and must be prepaid before shipment takes place. Approximate shipping costs vary, but expect to pay at least $600 for airline shipments within the US. Purchaser must also have their puppy purchase paid in full before possession or shipment. Please make your certified check or money order payable to “Maria Nelson.” If overnighting funds, please contact us for an alternate day-time address.

We occasionally have proven champion stud dogs available for mating to approved bitches with health clearances beginning at $2,500 which guarantees at least two live puppies at birth. We rarely breed our stud dogs for first choice puppy, but only do so when such a breeding will compliment our breeding program. Approval of stud service to a prospective bitch is at our discretion. A deposit of $500 is due at the time of mating and the balance is due when AKC litter registration is signed and applied for before the resulted puppies reach the age of 8 weeks. A $150 breeding fee will also be assessed. If bitch does not conceive, then a repeat breeding will take place or stud fee will be credited toward the purchase of a future MARIAH BASENJI.

A full copy of our sales guarantees will be provided upon request.

Member of Basenji Club of America.